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03. Training

Conflict Resolution Training

Develop and enhance your communication skills using listening techniques, conversation and nonverbal strategies. These communication skills training workshops concentrate on how to become a more effective communicator, manage information among peers, and improve skills for improving interactions with others. Attendees will gain insight into their own social style and techniques for adapting to the styles of others.

  • Meaningful Communication

  • Intentional Conversations

  • Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Cultural Communications

IT Training

Our IT training helps you solve real-world practical computing issues and practice for certification exams. Dive into troubleshooting Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X; set up networks, servers, and client services; manage big data; and keep your organization's network secure.

Crisis Management Training

Our trainers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience teaching adult learners.  We have trained hundreds of executives across numerous functional areas to lead before, during and after a crisis with open enrollment courses and custom in-house training programs.

We offer a variety of customized coaching, training and educational workshops to help corporate leaders, communicators and crisis team members develop the competencies needed to guide organizations successfully through a business crisis.


Leaders and managers who train with Ozey learn to:

  • Develop early warning systems to detect issues before they become a crisis

  • Take actions to prevent issues from escalating

  • Be prepared when a crisis hits with a well-organized, executable plan

  • Mitigate the financial and operational effects of the crisis

  • Lead internal and external stakeholders through the crisis

  • Prepare for tough media interviews and handle them with confidence

  • Find opportunities in the crisis to improve the organization and prevent future crises

Diversity Training

Inclusion and diversity training is one tactical component of development and inclusion strategy. Training provides the knowledge, skills and tools in gaining critical knowledge and skills. This is important for creating and sustaining change that fosters a more creative, inclusive, respectful and productive workforce and workplace. Inclusion and diversity training must be flexible to meet the demands and schedules of today's active working environments.

Ozey LLC offers various training products that are flexible in their delivery and duration. So, no matter where your organization and skill gaps are, our training solutions will not only help you close those gaps but will also transform your workplace.

Go where you want to grow.

Go where you want to grow.

Request a Consultation

Let us help your organization accomplish crucial milestones and maintain consistent growth. Request a consultation and one of our professionals will reach out and schedule a time to discuss your unique needs and develop a customized service plan to move forward. 

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